Week of May 12th

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all doing okay!  Yesterday I did not have power at my house for most of the day due to the storm, so it was very difficult to work!
This week I wanted you all to watch the To Kill a Mockingbird Movie, but it is impossible for me to figure out how to get the video to you all.  So we will try to watch the video in June.
Here is the work to do this week and next week, we will be wrapping up the book:
Try to spend 45 minutes reviewing the book here to be sure you understood everything!
Please do this by Friday, May 15th.
2) Portfolio projects: This is a bigger project.  I emailed you the attachement and you can also find it on Pronote.  Since this requires more work it is due in two weeks (remember next week is a shorter week with ascension).
This is an individual assignment, but I am putting you in groups so that you can help each other discuss the book and characters before completing the assignment.  You should try to spend 15 minutes talking to the people in your group this week.  You are in groups of 3-4 so that if one person cannot talk with you, you still have someone else available.  Please email each other to set up a time to chat.  Try to connect with your group by Friday, May 15th.  Please send me a short email to let me know when you have connected with your group.
Martina, Louise, Théo
Martin, Matthieu, Thaïs
Marc, Philippe, Mya
Camilia, Clémence, Lilou
Gatien, Gauthier, Emilie, Angélique
Esther, Raphaël, Henry

After you have discussed the book and project, you can begin the portfolio presentation, due May 26th.  
You should spend a lot of time on this assignment.  It will have a coefficient of 2.  Please send me any questions on the assignment by Friday, May 15th, so that you have enough time to complete it!
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