Week of May 4th

Hello 4° International,

Happy May to you all!  This week is an exciting week because you will finish the book!  Here is the work to do:
1) Finish reading to Kill a Mockingbird!  Chapters 30-31.  Please finish by Tuesday, May 12th (that way you have the weekend to finish if need be).  Try and take notes!
2) Vocabulary: please spend at least 30 minutes on quizlet learning the vocabulary for the last two chapters.  Please do this by Thursday, May 7th:
3) Begin reviewing the book: This was a long and complicated book!  We are going to begin reviewing the book and next week you will watch the movie.
Here is the quizlet review so that you can begin studying: https://quizlet.com/103963406/to-kill-a-mocking-bird-test-review-flash-cards/
You do not need to learn the entire quizlet review this week.  Please try and go through it all by Friday, May 15th.
As always, if you have any questions let me know!  
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