Week of April 27th

Dear 4° International students,
Welcome back!  I hope you all had a nice break, despite the circumstances.
Here are the assignments for this week.  Since Friday is a holiday, there is no grammar!
1) Writing assignment: Please send me an email, or send me a Google Document, to tell me how you are doing.  How was your two-week break from school?  Are you feeling okay?  Is there anything you want me to know right now?  This is a hard time for us all, I really hope each of you is doing well!!  I’m sending you *hugs* and positive energy!
Please do this by Thursday, April 30th.  Please send 3-8 sentences (5 would be good).  Feel free to send a picture if you want as well!
2) Read chapters 23-24 (two chapters) from To Kill a Mockingbird: http://www.franglish.fr/LLCE/To-Kill-a-Mockingbird.pdf
Remember to try and take notes.  Please finish these two chapters by Tuesday, May 5th.
3) TKAM Quizlet Vocabulary:
Please spend 30 minutes learning the vocabulary on Quizlet, playing the games to learn the vocabulary, etc.  Please do this before Tuesday, May 5th.
As always, if you have any questions please let me know!  Attached are two pictures of my dog, Massa, from our “staycation” (vacation at home!).

Ms. Grandison
English Teacher 
Saint-Denis International School
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