The Glorious Revolution, 1688

To help you with the next assignment about what was happening in England during the 17th century, here is a good site which explains what happened:

I have also recorded another short video tutorial to introduce the topic and explain the chapter you have been given, here:


Below is a nice little video which summarizes the Glorious Revolution that saw the creation of a Bill of Rights which ended Absolute Monarchy in England:

Finally, a short documentary about the Bill of Rights document:





Chapter 1 of MAUS

Please take the quiz below before the end of the week:



Also, for your participation grade, comment below (respond to each other, agree/disagree, discuss) in response to the following question:

At the end of this chapter, Vladek specifically asks Artie not to include the story about Lucia and Anja in Artie’s book about the Holocaust, but Artie does anyway. Why do you think this is?

ACT I of Sweet Bird of Youth

I hope you have enjoyed reading the beginning of SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH.

Here is the Quiz on Act I, to be taken before Wednesday:

ACT I Sweet Bird of Youth QUIZ


Here is a version of the play on youtube if you want to listen as you read (but be careful not to skip important stage directions, rich for analysis):

Please also read this one-page biography of Tennessee Williams:

Tennessee Williams biography


Check back in the following days for a blog “discussion” on symbols and themes in the play.