3 thoughts on “Capture d’écran 2020-03-20 à 12.24.29

  1. I can see:
    A lady at a typewriter. She is typing. It looks like she is writing a book. She’s sucking a lollipop and has a cup of tea.
    Behind her, there is a girl holding a squirrel. The squirrel looks happy!
    The scene takes place in a room in a house. The only other object is a stool or small table with an object on it. I don’t know what it is yet because I’ve not read the book yet!

    • I see a women tiping I think a book she has a lolipop and a little girl with a squirrel in her arm that is behind the women.
      Near by the tiping thing there is a pilled of paper.

  2. I can see a little girl with glasses who has a cute squirrel in her arms but the girl doesn’t look very happy.
    She looks at a woman (who is an adult i think) who writes on a tipewriter ( I think she writes a book because on her right, we can see many papers).
    This woman has curly hair and a scarf on her head.
    She eats lollipops and drinks a cup of tea.
    Behind the little girl, we can see a doll in front of the stairs.

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