Describe the picture (2)

Describe what you see in the picture in the comments below (optional)

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  1. The girl has the squirrel in her harms and the mom is tapping on are old typewriter having
    lollipop. They are in the living room. The squirrel has not a lot of fur on him.

  2. There is a girl with court hairs, wearing a dress, a legging and glasses who has a squirrel in her harms. The squirrel don’t have a lot of hairs on him. The girl look at another girl with curly hairs and a headband who is taping on a typewriter while having a lollipop in her mouth. She is on a chair and there is another chair next to her. On the desk, There is a cup of coffee, a pile of paper and some lollipops. The two girls seems to be in the hall because there is a coat rack next to the stairs.

    • On the picture, we see a little girl with a squirrel in her harms. She wears glasses and a checkered dress. She is looking at a woman. The woman is eating a lollipop and she is writting. On the table, there is a cup of coffee, some lollipops and some paper. The woman has curly hair and a scarf in her hair. The woman wear a coat and a necklace. She is sitting on a chair and next to her, there is another chair. She not looking at the little girl.

    • On the picture, I can see a girl who carry a squirrel in her arms. She wear glasses, a plaid dress, leggings and she have short hairs.
      Next to her, there is a woman who write something on a typewriter, who have a lollipop in her mouth, there is a jar of lollipop and a cup of tea or coffee next to her.

  3. A woman who write a book because she already write a lot page and she has a headband she had some lollipops next to her, she has a toothpick in her mouth. There was a girl she has a squirrel in her harms, she has glasses she has a tile dress.

  4. on the picture we see, a women who has a stick in her mouth, writing on an old typewriter. She is sitting on a chair and her typewriter is on a table. She has curly hair with a headband and she seems very concentrated. Behind her there is a little girl holding a little squirrel in her arms. the girl seems a little fustrated and the squirtrel seems happy. On the table there are many pages that the woman wrote, there are lollypops in a mug, and there is mug of coffe in a plate.

  5. I see a girl with a squirrel on her hands beside the stairs watching a woman using some kind of machine, beside the machine theres a big stack of paper,the woman has a lollipop in her mouth and has a drink beside the big stack of paper

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