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Here is a little tutorial I made to explain your first Distance Learning Assignment about Nuclear Power and Renewable Sources of Energy:

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  1. the féodalismes system is a scam for the peasant because he give some money and some food of knight, he give money of barrons and he give back to the king.
    While the king give a little bit of land.
    But he helped keep the kingdom in order.

  2. Le système féodal était pratique pour les seigneurs mais pour les paysans beaucoup moins car
    ils donnent de l’argent et de la nourriture aux chevalier qui le donnent aux barrons et qui rendent au roi. Mais pensons que cela permettait de garder l’ordre dans le royaume mais le roi rendait leur argent en protection du royaume.

  3. The feudal system was convenient for the lords but for the peasants much less because they give money and food to the knights who give it to the barrons and give it back to the king. But let’s assume that this kept order in the kingdom but the king returned their money in protection of the kingdom.

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